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Hop! Step! Jump!
Don't Give Up
EnglishHop! Step! Jump!
Release DateMarch 16, 2012
PerformersAira Kana Asumi Rizumu Sayuri Hara Mion Azusa Kataoka
Lyrics ComposerIkehata Nobu

Music LabelAvex
Music Composer/ArrangerNagaoka Seikou
Other Info
Episode AppearancesEpisode 29-31,33-39
Video Gallery
Image Gallery
Hop! Step! Jump! is one of MARs songs in the Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream anime. It is their 3rd image song to appear in the anime.


Artist Duration File
Aira Rizumu Mion 1:38
Hop Step Jump


Saa! Kore kara hajimaru Tsugi no tobira e
Hop! Step!! Jump!!! Takaku kake nukete yukou
Nee! Donna toki demo One! Two!! Three!!!
Minna de Smile! Smile!! Smile!!!
Egao wasurezu ni iyou

Nadeshiko no Hana kotoba wo Mune ni himete
Daitan ni yuukan ni
Soh! Massugu ni ikite yukou

Akogare dake ja Yume de owaru yo
Move on! Aserazu susumou
Akiramenaide Jibun shinjite
Hora! Ue muite
Moh! Furi mukanaide Zutto

さぁ!これから始まる 次のステージ(とびら)へ
Hop! Step!! Jump!!! 高く駆け抜けて行こう
ねぇ! どんな時でも One! Two!! Three!!!
みんなで Smile! Smile!! Smile!!!

なでしこの 花言葉を 胸に秘めて

憧れだけじゃ 夢で終るよ
Move on! 焦らず進もう
諦めないで 自分信じて
ほら! 上向いて
もぉ!振り向かないで ずっと

Now! From here on out, we're starting our advance to the next door and stage.
Hop! Step!! Jump!!! Let's jump high to them.
Hey! Whenever it is, say One! Two!! Three!!!
And with everyone, Smile! Smile!! Smile!!!
Let's never forget to smile.

Hide the meaning of the Nadeshiko flower in your heart
and boldly and bravely,
Yeah! Live on, looking straight head.

If you just admire it, it'll just end as a dream.
Move on! Move on without fearing anything.
Don't give up; Believe in yourself.
Look! Take a look upward.
Geez! Don't ever look back.

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