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Kiddy Grade is a 24 episode science fiction anime series produced in 2002 and created by gímik and Gonzo Digimation and directed by Keiji Gotoh. The series is licensed and distributed in North America by FUNimation Entertainment. In October 2006 news of a Kiddy Grade sequel was announced, under the working title of Kiddy Grade 2, to be animated by asread. On February 26, 2009 it was re-announced under the new title Kiddy Girl-and (Kidi Gārando) along with news of a new manga adaptation, Kiddy Girl-and Pure (Kidi Gārando Pyua). The sequel is set 50 years after the original series and introduces two new female protagonists, Ascœur (Asukūru)and Q-feuille (Ku Fīyu).

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