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Never Let me Down
Don't Give Up
EnglishNever Let me Down
PerformersSerena (Madoka Yonezawa) Kanon (Satomi Akesaka)
Music LabelAvex

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Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Serenon Image Song.


Artist Duration File
Serena Kanon 1:35
Never Let Me Down


Iitai KOTO Ieru hito ga DONDON kiete wa inaku naru
Moh, RAIBARU jibun shika inai... Sou, ii kikaseteru!
Ii wake dake Kikoetekuru ZUNZUN ochite wa modorenai
Nee, kanashii keredo shikatanai...? Sore ga genjitsu nano!?

"Never Let Me Down!" Honki de "Hey! Common!!"

Jibun no jinsei Kaerareru kara
Yuuki dashite, genki dashite Omoikiri ikiyou
Hontou no teki wa Jibun jishin sa
Nandomo Aseranaide
Sukoshi zutsu aruki dasou

言いたいコト 言える人が ドンドン消えてはいなくなる
もぉ、ライバル自分しかいない… そう、言い聞かせてる!
言い訳だけ 聞こえてくる ズンズン落ちては戻れない
ねえ、悲しいけれど仕方ない…? それが現実なの!?

"Never Let Me Down!"  本気で "Hey! Common!!"

自分の人生 変えられるから
勇気だして、 元気だして 思い切り生きよう
本当の敵は 自分自身さ
何度でも 焦らないで

The people who say what they want to say are gradually
Going away and vanishing
And now, the only rival you have is yourself... That's what I've heard!

I can hear excuses. You start to fall bit by bit and can't come back.
Hey, it's sad, but you can't help it...? And that's reality?!

"Never Let Me Down!" Seriously, "Hey! Come on!!"

You can change your life, so
Bring out your courage, bring out your energy, and live to the fullest.
The real enemy is yourself.
Don't rush everything;
Let's walk, little by little.

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